NFL Spread Picks


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If you are planning on doing any football betting this fall, you might want to ask yourself a question – what do winning football picks look like? How do the best football picks and the losing picks truly differ? You might be shocked at some of the methods of winning players. Many books have been written about how to win with your sports picks. Only a few people have been able to consistently beat the game, though. Why is that the case? What is it about picking football games that is so difficult for people?

Winning  NFL spread picks combine the numbers and the feeling

You cannot win with your free NFL football spread picks without both the numbers and the instinct. Too many players believe that they can win by using stats alone. This is just not going to happen over the long run. You have to be able to add something to your prospectus. You have to have good instincts on how lines move. You also have to understand how teams are trending. The numbers can tell you a lot, but they cannot tell you everything that you need to know in order to make successful free NFL football picks.

You also cannot win without having a knowledge of numbers. The worst bettors are those people who think they can win with their gut alone. Chances are good that it’s not going to happen. You have to have a statistical baseline for handicapping games. Without that, you are destined to struggle over the long run. This is because winning with your expert  NFL spread picks is all about value. You have to know where to find value. You also have to know when to push the gas down a little bit. The better you get at spotting value, the better you will be with your picks.

Winning by following another handicapper

The best way to win is to be a serious handicapper. This requires a lot of time and skill, though. The average guy just needs some free expert football picks to get him from Thursday to Monday night. He doesn’t have the time to create a model or parent a spreadsheet. He might not even have the time to read up on all of the reports during a given week. For these people, one of the best approaches is to use the free football picks that are out there. Use those resources that are at your disposal.

Blindly following any old bettor is never a good idea. You will want to follow only those bettors who deserve your confidence. Do your research and figure out if the person you are taking football picks from has the knowledge that you need. Make sure that he has experience in picking winners. When you do that, you will find better success at the end of the year. Taking free football picks from any old handicapper is a good way to get very frustrated. Taking those expert NFL picks from somebody sharp will make you a winning player.

Understanding the long game

You have to recognize that football has a long season. Teams will not win every week. Just like they will have ups and downs, you will also have ups and downs. If you are in it for the long game, you will be more successful at the end of the day. Don’t expect your free NFL football spread picks to come through each time. Be prepared to lose a couple each week. If you are able to stay patient and make plays that have good value, you will be a winner over the long run.